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Parking Lockington

13th March 2019

Lockington on road parking situation

Please note that on street parking from the Business Centre has been bad recently due to the fact that 26 additional car parking spaces are being constructed by Mr Charles Coaker to improve the future situation. This may go on for another week or so but will be worth it on the long run. Therefore, please be understanding during this time.

Despite the above we have made clear to the appropriate Businesses that any on street parking during this period must be in accordance with the Highway Code around junctions and people's drives. There have been some instances where this has not been the case due to space being at a premium.

The above increase in Business Centre parking space is a result of requests by the Parish Council. and in parallel the Parish Council have two other work streams ongoing.

1. In the last month each of the Businesses has been visited by the PC and Mr Coaker, whom we are working closely with, to improve the situation. Where appropriate actions are being taken to ensure their employees show more respect and use the car parking provided.

2. A waiting restrictions scheme has been developed following consultation with Lockington residents and Leicestershire County Council and will shortly be subject to a public consultation. This includes double yellow lines around the key junctions in Lockington including in Hemington at Hemington/Lockington Lane junction. There is also a stretch of business hour waiting restrictions (Single yellow) along Lockington Main Street from the new road entry to Hemington Lane. This is not continuous and has a couple of breaks in it.

If you need any more information email me as I am the member of the Lockington - Hemington PC looking after this issue.

Councillor John Mclelland. Cllrjohn.mclelland@hemlock.org.uk

Posted: Wed, 13 Mar 2019 10:50 by Gill Simkiss

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