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Clerk: Gill Simkiss
1 Brooklet Farm, Walton Hill
Isley Walton, Derby DE74 2RL

Council Tax 2021/2022

Please see below a high level summary of our budget for 2020/2021. We believe this will allow us to manage the upkeep of the villages to a standard we can all feel proud of.

Last year saw the delivery of many improvement projects around the village in line with the priorities you shared with us back in 2019. Many of these are self sustaining but some will require an additional annual charge to maintain, for instance the flower boxes, defibrillators, more dog waste bins etc. Also we need to make provision for regular maintenance work on the upkeep of the villages, for example like painting the railings every few years. This has not been the case in the past and these have been dealt with as exceptional items when we can afford them.

In 2020 we also took on the management of the Village Hall and this year we are investing in a range of improvements to make this more attractive and useable for you. This includes improving the kerb appeal and drives, a new internal ceiling and lighting and a refurbishment of the toilet and windows as a minimum. The rear car park may also be sorted later in the year also.

The bottom line from all of this is we have increased the annual charge to you from around £61 to £75 per annum, that's around 27p per week. The logic is shown below and is needed to balance our books so we can operate in a sustainable way going forward. We hope you support this and the work we are doing. It's important to us that you see the benefits flowing from this budget every day in these beautiful villages.

2020 Basic operating cost £11,000 ( Salaries, grass cutting, website, insurance etc.)

Flower boxes £1,500

Annual maintenance provision £2,000

Playground maintenance £500

Village Hall support provision £2,000

Contingency (circa 10%) £1,000

In total this is £18,000 per annum across 241 households which equates to around £75 per household for 2021.

Please feel free to write to the clerk of the Parish Council at clerk@hemlock.org.uk if you have any comments or need any more information. Also if you have any ideas for further improvements we can make please let us know and or attend our monthly meetings by Zoom to raise them directly.

Lockington cum Hemington Parish Council

Posted: Mon, 15 Mar 2021 09:13 by Gill Simkiss

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